Driving Employee Engagement & Innovation

Jag Randawa 180x180Monday, June 1 2015
Jag Randhawa, CIO / Award Winning Author

Research shows a direct correlation between employee engagement and innovation. In addition, executives report employee engagement and innovation among their top priorities. Then why Gallup Polls show employee engagement at an all-time low? In today’s information economy, Human Capital Management is more important than ever. As the HR/OD leader, it is your responsibility to introduce leadership practices and programs that boost employee engagement, align organizational activities with strategic goals and foster a culture of innovation. Learn how you can do it all through a simple six-step bottom-up innovation program

Key “How To” Take-Aways include….

- Build leadership practices that boost employee engagement.
- Foster a culture of innovation and lead the organizational change.
- Help employees find meaning in their work.
- Transform employees into innovators and the catalyst of change.
- Attract top talent and lower turnover.
Eventbrite - Driving Employee Engagement & Innovation with Jag Randhawa, CIO/Author

Event Location: BROADCOM - located at 190 Mathilda Place in Downtown Sunnyvale
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Influencing Corporate Culture - Panel Discussion - May 4, 2014

Lori Tellervicky_2_
Moving the Culture Conversation from
Strategy to Action to Sustainability

Join SBODN for an interactive panel discussion that will explore different business transformations and how OD experts are helping to adapt the internal cultures to be successful in this new environment.  Help us compare and contrast culture change elements from diverse situations to discover the common components that are essential for success.  What are YOU interested in learning about?  Share your interests and questions to help drive the conversation.

Situations we’ll be addressing include…

-  Hitting a Plateau: What do you do when what got you here won’t get you there any more?
-  Going Global: Developing leaders during the transition from domestic to global operations.
-  Getting Unstuck: Injecting new insights & energy into old-school environment
-  Consulting Change: Shifting from a consultant-delivered to technology-enabled model

Key elements that our experts will be addressing include…

- Key drivers for change and sponsor engagement
- What’s being done and why it’s working
- Dealing with obstacles and setbacks along