Post M&A Integration - Monday, Feb. 2, 2015

many directionsM&A’s continued to grow in 2014….$ 2.66 Trillion in 9 months…but M&A failure rates of 50%+ continue despite a wealth of information on planning for post merger integration on the web supplied by consultants, business journals, etc.

These failures are not resulting from flawed deal strategies….but rather from companies not planning for integration once the deal is closed…In fact, the Boston Consulting Group found that 80% of companies had done little post merger planning.

Ironically for those of us in HR, M&A failures continue to be largely attributed to cultural and people related problems!

Larry’s presentation will focus on how we in HR can be part of the solution, including:

  1. Discussions that HR needs to have with the Board, CEO, and senior management team before the deal process is started
  2. Roles that HR should be playing pre and post merger
  3. Training and coaching that HR will need to provide to prepare management for leading change and building employee commitment to the merged company.

Eventbrite - Larry Kroh: M&A Integration - Practical Insights for Change Leaders

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