Rossella Derickson - Talent Development from the Inside

Why is Talent Development central to the evolution of a healthy organization and culture? And then, what do you do when major change occurs?

Rossella Derickson, internal talent development strategist for the Business School at Stanford, walks us through the process of creating a talent plan that encompasses the strategic focus of the senior leaders and the needs of the workforce. She will share the opportunities and challenges in developing a high performance culture through survey analytics, leadership development, and workplace programs, including a series on mindfulness.

KEY TAKE-A-WAYS: You will gain a reality-based understanding of the importance of:

  • Aligning with high performing leaders to transform the workplace
  • Using analytics to keep a pulse on how the organization is doing
  • Partnering with HR whenever possible
  • Engaging the support of senior leadership.

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Feb 1st @ 5:30 – 7:30pm

UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley * NEW LOCATION *

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Bio: Rossella Derickson, Performance and Culture Strategist

Rossella Derickson, former SBODN Director