Wisdom of the Crowd with Ken, Gaye & Susan

ken-gaye-susanMonday, Nov 14th
How to Tap Collective Intelligence for Leadership and Change
at UCSC-Extension Silicon Valley, Santa Clara

In partnership with NorCal Chapter of ASP 

Using Your Team’s Collective Intelligence to Accelerate
Leadership Development and Rapid Change Adoption

Eventbrite - Wisdom of Crowds with Ken Ketch

Change programs often fail because not enough attention is paid to the people engagement factors. Learning and change are one in the same. We will show how using the “Wisdom of the Crowd” can efficiently improve leadership skills or achieve rapid change adoption.

Key Take-Aways

• How change can be accelerated and leadership skills can be effectively taught on-line
• How using structured, crowd sourced learning can turn cynics into believers during organizational change
• A new method for increasing participant engagement through online, video case based learning

3 application oriented Case Studies to exam how…

• Cadence increased adoption